Dream Date Of Every Woman for a Perfect Date

If not all, most women had something to say about their “dream date”. When we say the word “dream date”, every girl or woman has her own version of her “dream date”. I think the reason for that would be too much watching of romantic movies and for just wanting to feel loved and to be able to show love.

So, what would be the answer to this “dream date of every woman”? Generally, girls would just like to be with the man they love. Just by spending time with them would be enough. Not really minding of the place or the food or what other things. Just the undivided attention of the man they love would be more than enough.

Also, women are not really that different from men, which then makes it easier for men to make their woman happy. What makes a man happy would most probably be the way to make their woman happy too.

Before you decide where to bring your date, consider thinking of some things that would most probably give her the date of her dreams.

  • Firstly, they would want to eat. I told you, girls are not that different from men. As the famous quote says, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” That would be the same to women too! Men want to eat during their date, that would be the same with their dates too! Make your date happy by not keeping her hungry.

Who wants to be hungry anyway, right? Women who are hungry tend to be cranky and you would want to avoid that. So, bring her to a place that you both like or you would both want to try.

  • Secondly, they would want to have fun. Work is already stressful. They would want to have fun from time to time. So, try to think of some activities that would activate the child in them or that would ignite the adventurer in them. You would like to bring her to some place that surely would not stress her out and totally would not bore her!
  • Lastly, they would want to know you and for you to get to know them. This is the main reason why your date agreed to date you in the first place. But please don’t just talk about yourself. This is not just about you. That’s why you decided to date her in the first place too because you want to get to know her better, right?

Talk about yourself enough for your date to know some part of you and give her some time too to tell you about herself enough for you to know some part of her also. Just the rule of give and take.

Specifically, though, the dream date of every woman differs for every type of woman. So here are some types of woman that you date with their dream dates.

The classic dates

These women tend to love just by having you around on a classic date. Classic date means taking her out to her favorite restaurant (which you put an effort finding out) and watching a movie after (which you are sure she would love). You can add some short walks after. You can talk about the movie or just merely about yourselves. Yeah, I told you, just the classic date.

The outgoing dates

These women would love to have you just around the corner of your neighborhood eating some local food. Most of these women are just cool with this kind of stuff. As long as you’re being a good conversationalist! As what I said earlier, they would want to have fun. So, you being a good conversationalist is a good point.

They wouldn’t notice that you just brought her to a newly opened coffee shop or burger corner because they are having too much fun with you. You bring her there not because you didn’t have any other better plans, okay? You bring her there with the thought of enjoying the food and her company.

The romantic dates

These women watched too many romantic movies in their single lives. They are too ideal when talking about their dream date. So, you may want to watch their favorite movie before deciding on where to bring her. Just for you to have an idea on her “dream date”. It may cause you to put on some effort but if you really like her then I guess you wouldn’t mind watching a two-hour romantic movie for her sake.

The soft dates

These women often are the most feminine in these set of dates. These women would love to just have a picnic in a nearby park or the out of the town park. Biking would be on their list too. Bringing a basket of well-prepared snacks or meal would be greatly appreciated also. Having you sleep in her lap or her sleeping on your lap would also be on their list.

They will find it really touching and calming and having the feeling of being ecstatic. And before I forgot, please don’t forget to bring some flowers! A bouquet of her favorite flower would be a really good point for you or even a one stalk of her favorite flower will do. Sincerity is really the key on this.

The artistic and/or historian dates

You know who I mean on this, right? Yeah, I meant the women who loves art or history or both. These women would love to visit the museums or an art gallery. They would want to see some paintings of their favorite artist or painter. Or some crafts that has been preserved for a long time for the sake of history.

This may not be your preference but trying it wouldn’t hurt you right? Also, as long as you are doing this for the woman you love, it wouldn’t matter that much for you. It would be a privilege for you too and a great chance to know a different side of her and a chance for you to explore on some things outside your preferences. Because I get it that not all people would love to go and see these stuffs. But when both of you are into these kinds of stuffs, good for you then.

The intelligent dates

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the last five dates I mentioned are not intelligent, okay? So, now these dates are typically the women who are into books. Bookwork as they call them. You would like to bring her to a library which she longs to visit. Or a café with a library too.

Most of these women like to read books with a cup of their favorite coffee or tea (maybe). Now, what about you, what will you do there? What if she goes inside her own world and leave you out? Of course, you wouldn’t let that happen. Be with her as she immerses herself with the book and then go out of the book together too.

The cool dates

These women tend to want to be in a coliseum or a sports complex, wearing the jersey of their favorite team! I think this is the date every man would want. Because you want to be with a woman that shares the same hobbies or likes, right? A woman who cheers with you when your team is on a game.

Someone you can talk to about these “sporty” talks. Bring her to a game of either your favorite or hers. But what if your teams are different? That would be inevitable but just be sports with her. You’re cheering on the different teams during the game but after the game, you’re on the same side again.

The theater dates

You read it right. Yes, they still exist. You can bring her to a theater play or a concert. Just by you knowing her favorite band without her having to tell you is already a point. How much more when you go with her and watch her favorite band or artist, right?

Final thoughts

In all of these, as long as she feels your sincerity on all the things that you did for her on your date, she would really appreciate every effort you put up for it. Women are really just easy to please. Seeing your effort on bringing her into a place you’re sure she would love will not be kept unseen. As you know, women tend to be detailed.

Not a single effort is left unappreciated. It wouldn’t be a trouble for you to bring the woman you love somewhere you are sure she would love, right? So, take her out and make her feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in your eyes. Just by spending time with her with your undivided attention is all she needs to have that “dream date” she keeps on dreaming. Wake her up and make it a reality, brother! You can do it! I’m rooting for you! 😊

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