Beginner’s Dating Guide for Women

Dating has always been a difficult kind of sport. It’s just either you win or your loss.  It’s even trickier for a woman! So here, I list up some tips for women. This could serve as your guide personally or a help for a friend.

What to wear?

Basically, this is the first question women ask themselves when asked to go out on a date. This has been a dilemma for decades now! So here are some tips that could help you out on deciding on what to wear when “dress to impress” pressure is brutally on!

  • Wear outfits or colors that you are most complimented on. This just says it all.
  • Wear outfits that fit the venue of your date. You don’t want to wear high heeled shoes or pumps on a hike! This is assuming that you already know where your date is taking you.

But if he doesn’t tell you where (to surprise you, maybe), you can just ask him what appropriate outfit you should wear. The least thing you want to do is keep on fidgeting on your outfit, right?

  • Wear outfits that highlight your assets. If you have great arms, you can wear something sleeveless or something that somehow shows it off. Know your assets too so that you know what to wear to highlight it.

Also, dressing to impress is different from showing off too much skin. That’s like you are trying too hard already. Someone said, “keep it short to get attention but keep it long to keep it mysterious”.

  • Wear something that fits you and that makes you feel really good about yourself. Wear something that can make you feel you are the best version of yourself. If you are usually a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, don’t show up wearing a flowery dress! It isn’t you.
  • Wear something that you can walk in, eat in and breathe in! You should be comfortable on what you’re wearing! Of course! Because comfort is the key no matter what. Confidence is everything girl.

Where to go?

 But of course, this is usually should be on the guy’s side but nowadays, guys ask the girls where they would want to go. (not to ruin the surprise, maybe, but to make sure that the girl will like the place the guy is taking them.)

  • Restaurant – Usually, this is the first place people think of when you say “date”. Maybe because it is nice to talk to someone (even to the person you just met!) over food. It could be breakfast. If both of you have your mornings as more convenient. It could be lunch too, especially if both of you are busy bees.

But this is more of a second date maybe. Because both of you are more comfortable with each other now, assuming that the first date was a success. Now, dinner dates are usually the “date time”. Because this is the time you are more on a date mode rather than breakfast and lunch.

  • Coffeeshop – Other than restaurants, this can be a really good place to bring someone too. You can talk about anything and everything over coffee (assuming that both of you like coffee). But if either one of you doesn’t like coffee, you can order something that doesn’t have coffee.

It could be tea or other non-coffee beverages. Coffeeshops are highly recommended for dates because the smell of coffee calms your nervousness, somehow and usually, coffeeshops have a nice ambiance that are good for a serious or casual talk.

  • Theater house – this place can also be a really good place. If both of you are fans of plays or concerts, that is.
  • Movie house – This can be a good place too but not during the first date. This may sound weird but why would you bring someone you just met on a movie? Both of you will just stare at the screen for 2 or 3 hours without talking! Isn’t it uncomfortable?

So, yeah, this is a nice place but maybe on your 3rd or 4th date. When both of you have find out that you would want to see a specific movie.

  • A hike or a picnic place – definitely not for first dates too! You can bring someone here if you are sure that you really like this person and that you want to get to know him or her better. This could take a half day or the whole day.

That sounds somehow intimate right? To spend your half day or whole day with someone on this place means that you are serious about him or her and you are really serious on getting to know him better.

How to impress a guy?

I guess, this question has been over a girl’s mind a million times! Now, take a breath in first and then breath out. You wouldn’t just want to impress him but win him, right? Especially if you also like that guy. Now, let’s take a look now on what you will do to impress or win him over.

  • It has always been best to just be yourself. Most of the times, we are tempted to pretend to be someone we are not just to be liked by people we like or sometimes even by the people we don’t like. We pretend to like to do things we don’t even like! Or wear something that’s not us just to impress someone.
  • That’s just us. But don’t you realize that it can be draining? You will be pretending all through out. Here’s a question, what if he will like you for someone you pretend to be? Will you be pretending your whole life? It’s like setting a trap for yourself. There’s a saying, “a secret doesn’t last as a secret”.
  • It will come out. No matter what you do to hide it. And what if that time will come when he finally caught you? Isn’t it humiliating on your part? You did not just hurt him, you also hurt yourself. So, safest advice? Just be yourself! Be liked for who you really are not for someone who you pretend to be.
  • Go with an open mind. No “super high expectations”. Let’s face it. Not all dates result to positive outcome. Even if you get to have 3 or more dates. Not on imagining that you two are already married! You’re way too ahead of yourself, girl.
  • Hold your horses still. It’s good to have some expectations too but please not too high. That even yourself can’t reach. Be realistic. Open your mind to the possibility of getting to know someone.
  • No games please. You’re not a kid anymore. You’re an adult who’s now searching for someone to get to know. This should better be avoided. Being genuine and sincere about your intentions and feelings can set you both at ease. Be honest.
  • If you don’t want to have a second date, then say it. No pretense just to please that person! Playing games rarely work out in the long run. It’s either you caught him playing games (which means you will be hurt!), or he will catch you playing games (sounds so humiliating for a girl, right?).
  • Have fun! This may sound so cliché but this is true. Just enjoy your time together. Being so tense and nervous will not help at all. Leave that expectations, pretense, tension and nervousness on the door! Listen, laugh and just have fun!

How to end the date?

 This is as important as starting your date. Aside from the fact that this will determine if you will have the chance to have another date with him, this will be an experience for you. In terms of dating, that is. In a perfect scene, you looked great, comfortable and you had fun.

But truth be told, you will really end the date. You will not yet worry about this until the time you have to bid goodbye. Just saying these two words will be totally fine. “Thank you!”. Be thankful. Show gratitude.

Whether it ended the way you imagined or want it to be or the other way around. This will always be appreciated by the other party (especially the guys, if they have paid for the date!). Here are some scenarios of how dates usually end:

  • You both just don’t feel it. You know what I’m talking about, right? You just don’t feel the connection. That’s it. So how will you end this? As I was saying, a “thank you” and a “good night” would be enough.
  • The other party is feeling it but you don’t. You’ll definitely know this because he’ll be excited for your next date. Be honest to him. Not the brutally “No, I don’t want to see you again” but a “thank you. I had a good time but I’m not really sure if I want to do this again with you” would be good too.
  • Both of you are feeling it. You just knew! There was something. The spark. You know. So probably, you don’t want to end the date but you have to. You can just say, “Thank you for a really good time. I’m looking forward for something like this again.”

In reality, anything can happen before, during and after a date. What I would want to leave you would be, just be yourself and have fun. I hope this will help you somehow. Good luck on your date/s! 😊

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