Beginner’s Dating Guide for Men

There are a lot of questions before, during and after a date. What attire should you wear? Where should you go? What foods should you order? How to look cool and be gentleman at the same time? What should you bring? Should you bring flowers and chocolates? Or just either of them? How to impress him or her? How can you say that your date is a success?And the list of questions goon.

When it comes to men, you want to know the dos and don’ts when having a date. So, in this article, you will find the answers to most of the questions asked to have a successful date.

Best Foot Forward – Your Attire!!

First impressions don’t always last, but it will leave a mark. So, on your first date, you should think of an impression you want to leave in her head. You can wear anything you want but you should consider how that would leave a mark. I’m not saying you should wear a three-piece suit nor a ripped jeans or shorts!

Girls are visual humans too! What I’m saying is that you should always have your best foot forward. Like have a shower, a shave and put on something comfortable and suitable on your date. And a whisk of your favorite cologne please. Girls like to be with good smelling guys!

Now, you’re good to go.

Plan Your Dating Place

Planning where to go on your first date can be very nerve wracking, especially when she leaves that decision to you. Now, you should always choose a place where you are acquainted to and find it comfortable and you think she will feel comfortable too. Or you can also ask one of her friends her favorite restaurant and bring her there.

Also, do not bring her in your night out clubs or pubs on your first date. You may meet your comrades there. That would be distracting to her and for you too. Refrain from bringing your first date on a movie also. As this will not be a good idea for two strangers sitting next to each other for 2 or more hours looking at a screen.

Dating is designed for two people to talk about themselves to get to know each other so watching a movie isn’t the right fit for your first date. Save it for later dates though. No matter where you will bring her, the most important thing to consider would be: Will she feel comfortable and safe in the place I’m bringing her? Thought to consider, right?

What Foods Should You Order?

This has always been a very difficult question when you’re on a date. The things you can do about this would be: ask her friends her favorite food. Ask them too if she has some food that she is allergic to or you can go and ask her yourself!

Don’t try to guess everything. You can’t read her mind! You will know if she enjoys the food you ordered by being observant. And please don’t be too obvious on you being so observant okay? Eat too and show her that you are enjoying your food and her company.

Be Confident and Sensitive (in a Good Way)

Confidence is your greatest friend here. But please don’t have it too high, okay? Be confident about yourself is what I mean. Girls find a guy attractive if he is confident about himself (I mean, whether your tall or not, fair skin or not, you have abs or not and that you are happy being you!) Smile often too.

A smile is contagious. You smile at her and surely, she’ll give it back to you. It also signifies that you are happy being with her. Being sensitive is a very good way to win her too. What I mean about being sensitive is that you notice her need seven before she says it. That implies that you are concern of her well-being. You can call that being a gentleman too. But being sensitive is deeper though.

That is also being caring and understanding. Which are the characteristics one is looking for. You also can be a beneficiary of this. When she feels respected and well taken cared of by you, she will then start on giving you her trust.Just a reminder though, show her a genuine care and respect. She can feel it if you are really sincere on what you are showing her. Girls have intuitions you know.

Is a Gift Necessary?

I would say yes to that. You are trying to win and impress her right? Giving her something would mean that you are thoughtful enough to think of giving her something on your first date!

A lovely bouquet of flowers would do the trick already. But please know if she’s allergic to pollens okay? You can ask again the help of her friends on what flowers she likes and give it to her on your date. Generally,girls like flowers though. A box of her favorite chocolates would be great too!Or a stuff toy. Or her favorite book. And all other stuff that you think she would love.

The flowers or the chocolate would definitely make the mood! Girls aren’t really particular of the gift you are giving them but the thought of your thoughtfulness. That gets the girls attention! Gifts or little notes always melts their hearts. Go on and scribble something on a card and put it along with the bouquet of flowers or the box of chocolates.

A smile from her is guaranteed! But don’t be too pressured on giving her something. An honest compliment on how she looked or how cute she is when eating or how gorgeous she is when she smiles can get through her heart too.

Be on your Date!

What does it mean to be on your date? Don’t just show up physically but also mentally. Don’t show up and be somewhere else! All attention to the girl with you. Turn off your phone to avoid work calls or other disturbances. You may want to put it on silent mode when you don’t want to turn it off.

Make fun and senseful conversation. Keep it light man. You don’t want to share your problems at work or in your family on your first date! You want to have her at ease, right? Be fun and a man with good sense of humor! Refrain from talking about your exes too. That would not be fun. That might ruin the mood of your date! If she somehow brings the topic,answer her and just keep your answers short.

Not to find you suspicious okay?Assure her that all that had happened in the past are already in the past and that you want to get to know her instead. Please don’t do all the talking too. You should ask questions to your date. You, listening to her talk would be a great point for you. That would imply that you are interested in her and her life. And be yourself.

Don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not. I get it that you want to impress her but you should impress her by being yourself. When she finds you faking it, it would be different isn’t it?

Ending it Successfully.

How can we really say that the date ended successfully? It is when you and she had a really great time.How will you know if she did have a great time on your date? Well, you can go and ask her directly. Or you can send a text message first. Say, you had a really great time. Of course, you should be honest. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it dude.

Also, sending her a text first would mean that you are really interested in her and that you want to have a second date with her. But if you don’t want to also, don’t play games. Okay? She will be hurt and you will feel bad also. Just be honest. That would be totally okay. You may also want to ask for an advice from your female friend. You can tell her what happened on your last date. Then she can give you some feedback and some advice that will be helpful for you on your next dates.

Dating can be a really great time when you know what to do and not to do. Also, you should ask yourself why you will go on a date. Is it to find your other half or just for fun? What is your purpose?The main purpose of dating is marriage. Why date someone when you don’t have the purpose of marrying that person?

I get it that you want to get to know that person first before marrying her but you should clarify your intentions. Dating is the precursor to engagement. So, clarifying and knowing your purpose for dating can make a difference. These are just some tips for you. I hope this helped you gain some confidence on your coming date/s.

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