20 Things to Avoid that Would Ruin a Date

There’s no doubt about it. Dating can really be tough. Don’t make it worse by ruining it on a first date! There’s a reason for the saying, “get your best foot forward”, right? So here are some things that you would want to take heed to not ruin your date or dates:

1.) Don’t go out without looking your best.

This should be the first since this is your time to prepare. I heard some guys going out on a date without even taking a bath or ladies not shaving their underarms or legs.

I mean, it’s not really necessary to shave or take a bath before going on a date but please make yourself clean and presentable. You might be meeting your future life partner. You would want to look your best, right? Treat each date as a special occasion to dress up.

2.) Don’t eat or be around something smelly before your date.

This may sound so petty but please take note of this. You wouldn’t want your date to be tortured by the way you smell all throughout your date, right?

3.) Don’t be late!

This is so important too. If you arrive late, this may give you the bad first impression from your date. And he/she may start the date annoyed. Also, this may lead your date to think that he/she isn’t important and that he/she is just another guy or girl.

You don’t want to wait also, right? So, do unto others what you would want others do unto you. The golden rule. Simple. But if it’s unavoidable, send a text or chat of apology as to why you will be late and say an apology once you arrive.

4.) No mentioning of ex or exes please.

This is the most common mistake. This may seem nothing to you but to the other party, this will really be a major turn off. This is like saying, “I’m not yet over my ex love.

And you are just a rebound. I’m not yet ready for a new love.” But if you still want to mention your ex, you can still do it as an example but please don’t overdo it. Keep the balance. You are on your date to get to know him/her not to get to know your exes. And your date might think that you are making comparisons!

Also, if you are asked about your ex, you can still say something short and nice about them and then politely change the subject.

5.) No mobile phones please.

This may sound like a demand but somehow it is. If you keep on checking your phone while on a date, this may lead him or her to think that you are not serious about the date or you’re bored or distracted or that you are not interested at all!

So, put your mobile phones on silent mode or just turn it off if you’re not really waiting for some important call or message. Just focus on getting to know the person sitting across you or next to you.

But if you really need to check your phone or answer a call, kindly apologize, explain why and do it briefly.

6.) Don’t show off too much skin or revealing clothes.

This could be mainly for the ladies. But this could apply to guys too. (Please don’t show up with your gym clothes on!)

When you show up revealing too much skin, it may appear to the other party that you are “easy” even if you are not. Just wear some dressy casual clothes. Shirt and pants for guys will do and a cute dress or comfy top and jeans would be nice for ladies.

7.) Don’t bring up marriage or kids.

As much as you would like to mention that to your date (since you like him/her), it’s not appropriate to brought that up on your first date! (not even on second and third, please. Not just yet).

That would make him/her conscious and eventually back out on the planned next date! You wouldn’t want that, right?

8.) Avoid talking too much about yourself.

Definitely yes! You are on your date, remember? There is another person and the reason that you are with that person is to get to know him/her and for him/her to get to know you too.

It would be a failure (and a shame!) if after your date you don’t even remember his/her last name! If you only just want to talk about yourself then, just get a crowd and make a speech in front of them!

9.) Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

This should be an alarm, I suppose. Because when you act on your first date, you might forget what act to put on the next date. Just get real.

It’s way better to be liked by the way you are than by the way you act. If he/she doesn’t like the way you really are then move on.

10.) Avoid controversial and confrontational topics.

I agree that this is an important topic to discuss too but I strongly disagree that you two talk about this on your first date.

It will be a good sign if you two share the same values and anything else but try to avoid this on your first date. This can lead to something awkward and uncomfortable arguments.

11.) Don’t give a one-word answer.

I get it that you are nervous but so is the one in front of you. Don’t just say yes or no to his/her questions. Hello! You are not in a Yes or No quiz bee. Say more. Elaborate your answers but please don’t count your words!

12.) Don’t cut him/her off.

As much as you have many more to say, listen to him/her story first. A good listener always wins points from the other party. You wouldn’t want to be interrupted too when you’re talking, right? Another golden rule. 😊

13.) Don’t show off.

If you are earning a lot of money, you don’t have to brag about it on your first date. If you really want to have a future with your date, then you still have a lot of time to let him/her discover that for himself / herself.

14.) Don’t forget your manners.

This is still so important. Hold doors open. Be a gentleman. Say please and thank you. Be polite and kind to the service crew or some other people.

Oftentimes, your date will definitely label you something or make an impression of you of the way you treat other people. You don’t want to be labeled as rude, right?

15.) Don’t get drunk.

This is very important. You may want to drink a one shot of drink for courage. But please know your limit. You don’t want to say things you don’t plan on saying to your date, right?

Also, getting drunk and being messy are two things you don’t want your date to see! Your judgement can be clouded too when you are drunk. You may be doing things you don’t often do when you’re on your right mind.

16.) Don’t give comments about other people.

This is your date. It’s between you and him/her. You may want to refrain yourself from talking about the sick dog of your friend or how your neighbor has been so kind to you or to your other neighbors.

Moreover, don’t drop comments (good or harsh) about the girl or guy next to you. Again, this is your time to get to know your date. Talk about each other!

17.) Don’t flirt with another lady or guy.

Please, this should be a huge no! Don’t stare at the other lady or guy too much on the other table! That is just so rude to your date. Let’s say that you don’t like your date, please show him/her some respect.

18.) Don’t be cheap on your date.

This could be mainly to the guy’s side but nowadays, this could be applicable to ladies too. For the guys, yeah, you should be the one paying for the date! In the first place, you asked her out. Isn’t it the right and polite thing to do?

If you decide on the venue of you date, make sure that you will be happy paying for two. As for the ladies, yes, let’s assume that he will pay for the date but it’s also a polite thing to do to chip in or to pay for your share.

Now guys, please don’t take this to heart and hurt your pride, okay? This isn’t because you are not capable of paying but the lady just wan to be polite, okay? You two can talk about this one. 😉

19.) Don’t let your date go home by herself.

Yes. This is on you guys. Also, please don’t complain about how far her house is or how traffic is the way to her house.

In the first place, you are her date and that would mean you are her protector too! Just make sure that she gets home safe and sound. That’s already awesome.

20.) Don’t forget to be grateful.

This is important too. Whether you like what happened on your date or not, at least say “thank you for a great night” or “thank you for today. I’m looking forward for something like this again.” It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Well, these are just some tips for you. You may follow these or not. It’s really up to you now. I hope this will help you somehow. Thank you for taking your time to read this. 😊

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